Purogami Shikshan Mandal's, Khatav
Gourishiv Polytechnic, Khatav

Mechanical Engineering

It is the basic branch of engineering. All industries need mechanical engineer at various positions. It is also known as evergreen branch of engineering. The Diploma holders in Mechanical engineering, can take up positions as shop foreman, production supervisors, quality control engineers, design engineers, Sales & Service engineers in foundries, automobile manufacturing units. These diploma holders can also do career in marine engg., aeronautical engg. etc. The self employment is also wide open. They can start fabrication unit, any manufacturing unit ranging from a pin up to ship building. They can also work as vendors for large or medium scale industries.


  • Theory of machines & mechanisms
  • Advance man, process
  • Production process
  • Power engg.
  • Thermal engineering
  • Metrology & quality control
  • Fluid mechanics & marketing
  • Mechatronics
  • Computer programming
  • Measurements & control
  • Fundamentals of electronics & Entrepreneurship development & industrial progress


For mechanical engineer have wide choice of work environment. Supervisors at project site or shop floor with focus on quality, safety in production, handling labour problems, preparing preventive as well as routine maintenance schedule and its execution, are some of the examples of his work.

Most jobs available in mechanical Industries are shop floor jobs. The supervisor has to supervise most of the operations done on machines. Other work like follow-up of production control are also to be performed on shop floor. They may also be employed in laboratories for inspection and testing.


Mechanical engineering being the basic branch, ample opportunities are available in industries to buildup the career upto middle management level, based on experience and initiative. In the private sector job advancement is influenced more by enthusiasm, commitment, innovation and productivity oriented attitude. Getting to the higher position one would require training, advanced education, experience and hard work. He can also work
in research and development.